Student Ministries



7th-12th Grade Student Events

  • Sunday Student Worship - 4:00pm at the church.
  • Sunday School - 9:30am at the church.
  • Wednesday Small Group Studies - 5:30pm at the church. 

More About Our Student Ministry 

Some call us the Student Ministry at Saraland United Methodist Church, some call us The Bridge Student Ministry, and some call us "that group of kids over there throwing water balloons at each other." Whatever you call us, you cannot deny these three truths: we love Jesus, we love people, and we love each other.

Saraland UMC's Student Ministry exists on two levels. In one way, it's a place for students in the North Mobile County area to find sanctuary--a place where our students can plug in and step away from the sinful, tempting, exhausting nature of our world for a little while and find a spiritual recharge among like-minded people. It's a safe place where one teenage student can share his struggles and fears and know his vulnerability will be protected--where another can share her hurts and know she will be comforted. It's a place where students are welcome and encouraged to remove the masks and shields that the world can make us feel obligated to employ... and just be themselves.

In another way, our students, themselves, *are* the ministry. We celebrate together, we mourn together, we take care of each other, and we pursue God's will and word as a group. Our arms and doors are open to any new face that wants to join us and every old face we haven't seen in a while. As much as the ministry is a place to go, it is all the more a group of people. And there is no person too broken, too flawed, too confused, too messed-up, too different, hurt, or lost to be a part of it. It doesn't matter what you've been through, where you've come from, where you are in your walk of life or your walk with God, whether you've memorized every word of God-breathed scripture in the Bible or you've never cracked one open; we love you, and we would love for you to join us.

Oh, and we love Jesus.